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Our Guidelines

Our guidelines were drafted in reference to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labor Organization (ILO) core conventions. They outline our social, ethical, environmental and legal requirements and form part of our business relationships with our suppliers.

Governance and Ethics

We build our business relationships on mutual respect and adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards.

Continuous Improvement

It takes time to create meaningful change. We require our suppliers to meet our minimum criteria and we support, promote and encourage greater responsibility in the pursuit of continuous improvement. 

Child Labor

Employees must be legally eligible to work and suppliers must comply with applicable child labor laws. No employee shall be under 16 years of age.

Forced Labor

Employment must be freely chosen and employees must have complete freedom of movement. No person shall be forced to work against their will.


No person shall be discriminated against for any reason or at any time. Employment relationships should include effective mechanisms to protect against discrimination.

Harassment and Abuse 

Employees must be treated with respect and dignity at all times. The working environment must be free from harassment, abuse, intimidation or threats of any kind.

Compensation and Benefits 

All employees must be paid a fair wage in a timely manner. This wage must be at least the minimum as required by local law, including all mandated wages, allowances and benefits.

Hours of Work

Hours of work per day and number of days worked per week shall not exceed the legal mandate of the local law where work is performed.

Freedom of Association 

Suppliers must respect the rights of employees to associate, organise and bargain collectively in a lawful and peaceful manner, without penalty, interference or intimidation. 

Health and Safety 

Employees must be provided a safe, comfortable and healthy work environment which complies with all applicable health and safety laws or regulations.


As a minimum, suppliers must comply with all local, national, and international environmental rules, regulations and standards applicable to their operations. We strongly encourage our suppliers to observe more environmentally conscious practices at all times, in relation to water usage, chemical use, waste and carbon emission minimisation.

Traceability and Transparency  

Suppliers must use designated and approved raw materials and components. Peony requires full cooperation in responding to requests for information. Due to reports of severe human rights violations in these regions, cotton from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan or Xinjiang is strictly prohibited. 

Product Quality and Safety

Suppliers shall ensure that all products meet our quality and safety standards as required by law, or as set out in our product specifications or other instructions.


Unauthorised subcontracting is strictly prohibited. Subcontractor use must be discussed and approved in writing. This code applies to all peony suppliers and subcontractors.

Animal Welfare

Peony does not use any animal-derived products or materials. We advocate for animal welfare and encourage our suppliers to do the same.

Infectious Diseases and COVID-19

Suppliers must prepare and plan in accordance with local and international laws and recommendations, to help limit the spread of infectious diseases. Commercial pressures must not take priority over the health and well-being of people.

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Peony Size 6 8 10 12 14
Bust 76 - 81cm 81 - 86cm 86 - 91cm 91 - 96cm 96 - 101cm
Waist 58 - 63cm 63 - 68cm 68 - 73cm 73 - 78cm 78 - 83cm
Hips (Lower) 84 - 89cm 89 - 94cm 94 - 99cm 99 - 104cm 104 - 109cm
Peony Size 6 8 10 12 14
Bust 29.5 - 32″ 32 - 34″ 34 - 35.5″ 35.5 - 37.5″ 38 - 40″
Waist 23 - 25″ 25 - 26.5″ 26.5 - 28.5″ 28.5 - 30.5″ 30.5 - 32.5″
Hips (Lower) 33 - 35″ 35 - 37″ 37 - 39″ 39 - 41″ 41 - 43″

How to measure

Bust Circumference

Thread tape measure under your arms, around your back and across the fullest part of your bust. Once you have the tape measure lined up, relax your arms at either side

Waist Circumference

Your natural waistline is the narrowest part of your waist, above your belly button and below your rib cage. Run the tape measure around your waist (like a belt), keeping it straight.

Lower Hip

Stand on a level surface with your feet together. Measure the fullest part of your bottom and upper thighs, not around your hip bones. Ensure the tape is straight around your body.

Helpful Tips

If you don't have a measuring tape, you can use a piece of string and then measure the string length with a ruler. Tape should be horizontal all around, and fit close to the body. These are tips to measure your body, not the garment.